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History of Hotel Rejviz...

Before the second world war this building was called Zum Seehirten or Zum Seehirtenhov. It belonged to the brothers of family Brauner called Josef and Alfred. The Part of the building where the bar is located was established in 1795 and is the oldest part of this building. As tourism was developing a big dining room was built in 1919 next to the bar and above a couple of summer rooms for guests.

A three floor hotel was built in 1931.The Interior of the house was decorated with carvings of both of the brothers, and they came up with an idea to sculpt chairs with caricatures of regular guests. If a guest wanted a chair with his face, he had to pay for it, but whenever he got in the restaurant he the right to sit on it. Nowadays we can still find chairs with caricatures of writer, hunter, crazy Bety and sexton, sweeper and butcher. Only the richest guests could get in this restaurant in the thirties.

This cottage became a holiday resort for the ministry of internal affairs and got a name Noskova chata in 1947. Because of ignorance and disrespect to natïve farm art many carving creations of brothers Braun got lost. Later, in 1962, the little “winebar” was made into a little museum with an exhibition of chairs and other carvings.

The current owner of the hotel Rejviz, Mr. Zdenek Adamec has bought all the collection and valuable furniture and is making an effort to enlarge the collection. He is also extending the collection by new carvings of current everyday visitors, so he could organize for you to get carved.

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